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Spartan Recovery Services can provide homeowners or landlords with a punchlist of items that we can inspect and repair as part of your developing projects and renovations. Your needs may be unique to your situation and you may not need all of these inspection items listed, but you may also have features to your house that are not covered here.

This list is a good starting point for adding to and removing finish-up items that your inspection reveals. For the purposes of keeping a record of progress on the punch list, Spartan Recovery Services will provide you with detailed ongoing communication about your list of items via Phone: 336-337-1100 & E:Mail: [email protected]

Spartan Recovery Services adheres to Residential Construction Performance Guidelines which can be purchased from the National Association of Homebuilders. This manual stipulates criteria for judging workmanship. It helps you & SRS to come to agreement about when flat is flat, when plumb is plumb and when finished is finished. This helps to establish standards for workmanship that guarantee good quality workmanship without placing unreasonable expectations on the contractor or excessive pricing to the property owner.