Contents Restoration

Contents Restoration

When a disaster strikes it is rare for your contents to not be affected in some way. SRS knows the significance of your valuable assets and firmly believes the restoration of the contents are as important as the structural rebuilding services. Spartan Recovery Services will be your helping hand in recovering your cherished items from the damage. Whether your belongings are affected by water, fire, smoke, or mold, our Contents Restoration Specialists know how to diligently handle the process to restore your memories.

  • Furniture Restoration of all types, including antiques, custom and manufactured items
  • Artwork, accents, ceramics, oil on canvas, wood, stone and metal sculpture
  • Dishes, pots & pans, crystal, glassware, silverware and similar valuables
  • Personal papers, documents and books
  • Recovery of x-ray media, microfilm and fiche, photographs and all photographic media
  • Books, bound volumes and manuscripts
  • Magnetic media to include all forms of tape, diskettes and cassettes
  • Optical media, CDs, DVDs
  • All forms of textiles, clothing, drapes and upholstery
  • Precision equipment
  • Computers and all other electronics, consumer items and professional
  • Vacuum freeze drying and desiccant drying of these materials
  • Comprehensive Corrosion Control Services

Whenever you suffer any type of loss, you will have two basic lines of demarcation in the claims process. One is the structure, which is your building, or home. It will be covered under one part of your insurance policy. The other part of your policy covers your contents. In a residential setting, after suffering fire damage, or even a flood, the loss of precious personal possessions is a situation we understand and can assist with asap to get you & your family back to normal living conditions.

Our staff will work with you to weigh sentimental value with insurance values. We want you to be made whole in your claim as well as in your heart. Once you have sifted through your personal effects and made the difficult decisions about sentimental items, we will work with you to assist in the more practical decisions of what items are better replaced and those that are more cost-effective to recover and restore.

We will transfer your valuables to our climate controlled content restoration facility to be salvaged and restored. We will also store your personal belongings until your restoration project is complete. Midwest Remediation is your choice.